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The professional sailors and crew of the sailing charter yacht "Glory Days" Come and meet the best captain and friendly crew sailing San Francisco.  Captain Pam Power is skilled and fun! Captain Pam has been sailing the San Francisco Bay for over 15 years. Let us take you sailing and show you the city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate from a different view.

The Captain

"I enjoy the satisfaction of planning each sailing event to make it a special day for every client."  "We love to share sailing the San Francisco Bay with our guests"  "We treat our guests the way we would want to be treated if we were the guests"

Pam Power

Pamela Power learned to sail small boats as a child at her grandparents' cabin on Pelican Lake in Minnesota. In 1989 she moved to the Bay Area and began sailing larger boats on the San Francisco Bay and the California Coast. In 1993 she sailed out through the Golden Gate Bridge on a four year sailing adventure, cruising from Northern California to Mexico, Costa Rica through the Panama Canal. She explored the historic Spanish Main and Columbia, as well as all the Windward, Leeward and ABC Islands in the sunny Caribbean. In 1997 Pam returned to live in Sausalito, working as Port Captain for a large sailing charter company in San Francisco. After a year long search for the perfect charter boat Pam found "Glory Days" in Panama City, Florida. In early 1999 she brought "Glory Days" to the Bay area and established Bay Breeze Charters.

Pam graduated from Arizona State University with a liberal arts degree in Recreation Administration. She holds a 100 ton Masters license with sail endorsement. The day charter business allows her to combine her expertise in sailing and event planning and recreation management background to provide guests with an exceptional charter experience.

"I am truly fortunate to get to share my love of sailing, the beautiful San Francisco Bay and have fun with nice people everyday."

Pam is a PADI Dive Master and you can find her riding her horse "Jazz" or hiking with border collie "Glory" (named after the boat) when she is not sailing the San Francisco Bay.

First Officer

She is dedicated to ensuring that your cruise aboard "Glory Days" is a joyful and positive experience in the day sailors' paradise of San Francisco Bay.

Janet Erickson

Janet's love for sailing started at Girl Scout camp on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, where sailing theory and practical experience provided the basics for racing as well as pleasure sailing. She put that training to use between 1989 and 1994 as crew aboard "Domicile," a Liberty 49, cruising the waters of Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Belize, and the islands from St. Thomas through St. Lucia. When the owners of "Domicile" decided to cruise the Pacific in 1997, she left her job as Director of Finance for the Swift Water Girl Scouts Council to join their Panama Canal transit, then Galapagos, French Polynesia ( the Marquises, Tuomotus, and Society Islands), and continuing to Niue, American Samoa, Tonga, and finally New Zealand. After a six month stay is New Zealand where she waited out the hurricane season, she joined "Reveille" a 38' double-ended cutter, for the northern journey into Fiji, Vanuatu, the Solomons, Micronesia, Guam, and Japan. The non-stop 4,300 mile journey across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco lasted 40 days. After 2 ½ years of cruising she is back in the United States.



First Officer

Tom Cusumano

Born in Boston, Tom moved to San Francisco in 2001. After stepping aboard a sailboat for the first time two years ago, Tom committed his life to sailing. Buying a small Santana 22 and competing in local bay and offshore races daily, Tom realized that the boating life was the only life for him.

This new found love of sailing coincided with the end of college and Tom quit his job and began crewing and teaching at a local sailing school. He spent this last winter delivering a Pearson 28 to San Diego. Tom loves the challenge and excitement of sailing the San Francisco Bay, but above all, loves exposing new people to the sport, the challenges, the excitement, and the beauty of sailing the San Francisco Bay.

When not sailing, Tom enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and camping. He enjoys the varied terrain that the bay area offers, but has also taken extended trips into the Alaskan backcountry. His travels include southern Italy, the UK and Mexico


First Officer

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Charles Barnard

Charles is a native San Franciscan and has been sailing the bay for the past 15 years. In 1999 he started an independent yacht repair and maintenance business. When Charles is not busy keeping local yachts in top condition you will find him down below on "Glory Days" teaching navigation for one of our corporate team building events.

Charles has a wife and two girls. He enjoys cooking and yoga in his spare time.

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